Scratchboard Photo Recreation

Scratchboard photo recreation is a new unique way to display any favorite image with an artsy touch! I will walkthrough the simple steps on how to recreate any picture of your choice into scratchboard art.

Scratchboards are a unique medium for art. Instead of putting pencil to paper and drawing what comes to mine, your creation lies beneath the surface patiently waiting for you to reveal it.

A scratchboard is comprised of a cardboard base with a thin white layer of clay on top. The clay is then covered with a black surface. Art is created by scratching away the black surface and reveal the clay beneath.


Materials you will need:

  • Scratchboard
  • Scraping tool
    • I use an Exacto Blades, but anything that can scrape the top layer may be used.
  • Pencil


To start, the photo will need to be recolored to be black and white. Changing it to black and white to match the colors of the scratchboard which will make it easier when looking back to reference details.



Print out the picture on regular computer paper and then either sketch it onto the scratchboard or trace it on using this method.

If this is your first time using a scratchboard, you may want to practice some strokes on the edge of the board to get a feel for it.


Once ready, closely follow details on the image to recreate the picture on the scratchboard. For example, I scratch away hair strokes in a downward fashion to match the fur in the picture.



  • Though we traced outlines on, do not scratch them out. Lines are made for references. If the lines are scratches out, you may end up with an unwanted design.
  • Mistakes can be fixed! If an area is scratched away that shouldn’t have been, fill it back in with a black permanent marker or some black acrylic paint.
  • I often reference this website for tips while working on scratchboard projects as well.


The final product!


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