How to Transfer Any Image

Ever find yourself wanting to use a specific picture when crafting? It might be a picture of your pet, your favorite sports team logo, or a scriptive font and you’ve tried to freehand sketch an outline but it’s not coming out just right.

I’ve found myself in similar situations created this little hack to transfer any image I want to my canvas and I’ll take you through step by step how to do it.

For this example we will use a picture of my dog Archer,  who will appear in some later crafts.

I started by printing off the picture in the size I wanted on computer paper. (My example is black and white, but you can use color also!)



Next I take a pencil and color in the whole back of the image with graphite from the pencil. Make sure to go over it a few times to make sure enough graphite builds up on the back.


After adding the graphite to the back, I trimmed the image down to what I wanted to include.


Then I take the piece the image and place it graphite side down and the material I will be using. The material can be a canvas, scratch board, paper, cloth, etc – anything you want your craft to appear on.


Once the paper is in the correct placement I lightly tape down the sides (or use sticky tack if tape will ruin the material) and trace every detail on the picture I want to transfer over. You may trace over more or less depending on the project. For this example, I wanted the general outline and some detailed areas.


After everything is traced, remove the image. If the lines are not dark enough, use a pencil to darken where necessary.

Now you’re ready to for your craft!


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