Preparing Wine Bottles for Crafts

Wine bottles offer a variety of opportunities for crafts, and in my house they are common to find. Removing the label may seem tricky, to get off all the glue holding the label in place, but I’ve got an easy method that works every time. Follow the directions below to easily remove any labels from wine bottles, beer bottles, any type of glass bottle to give you the clean glass. 


1: Fill a kitchen sink with warm soapy water and gently place in the bottles. A small tip, fill each of the bottles with water too so they stay in the water and don’t all float to the top. 


2. Let the bottles soak for 30 – 45 minutes or until the label starts to easily peel away at the edges. 

3. Once the bottles are ready remove, them from the water and gently peel off each label. Some spots may be a little tougher, use a damp wash cloth to rub down these areas to remove all the glue. 

You’ll be left with a clean glass bottle and ready to start your newest project!


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