Home Decor Wine Bottles

These “HOME” wine bottles are easy to make and adds a nice touch to any room. (In my house we have them right above the bar) Few materials are needed and you can recycle empty wine bottles making this a budget friendly craft! 

Materials you will need:

  • Acrylic Glass or Multi-Surface Paint.
    • I used craft smart multi-surface premium chalky acrylic paint.
    • Colors featured: White, Blue Cloud, French Wine and Silver Gray
  • 4 Glass Bottles with the label removed. Find out how to remove labels here.
  • Burlap
  • Clear Acrylic Sealer Spray
    • I use Mod Podge Matte spray.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paint Brushes
  • Scissors

To start, wrap the burlap around the bottom of the glass bottle and cut where the ends meet. Repeat for each wine bottle until you have 4 pieces of cut burlap then set aside.


Next, we will paint each wine bottle it’s respective color. Start with the first bottle and cover entirely with paint, then move to another area and let dry for about 1-2 hours. I left the bottom of the glass unpainted, but if you would like after 1-2 hours go back and paint the bottom then lay the bottle on its side for approximately 4 hours to dry.

While the wine bottles are drying, grab the 4 burlap pieces. Each burlap piece will get a different letter, H, O, M and E. Begin painting on the letters with the French Wine colored paint. I start by tracing out the letters with a pencil, then filling in with paint. Another options is to print out your favorite font in a large enough size then cut out and trace the letters onto the burlap and fill in with paint.


Once all letters are painted, set aside with the wine bottles to dry. This should take a few hours but will depend how thick the paint was applied. Pieces will be ready when the paint is dry to touch.

After the wine bottles are dry, you can add a second coat of paint if the color does not look vibrant enough. When painting on the second layer, only apply paint with downward strokes to avoid peeling the first layer of paint. Set aside to dry for about 3-4 hours after the second layer.

When wine bottles are completely dried, take to an outside area or a garage and spray entire glass bottle with the clear acrylic sealer spray. Let dry until the bottle is no longer sticky to touch (about 30 min).

Now were going to take our glass bottles and burlap pieces and put them together. Start by marking an inch up from the bottom of each bottle to signal where the bottom of the burlap should fall. We want this to be even across each of the wine bottles.

Next, take a burlap piece and add a line of hot glue along one of the ends, the bottom and the top. Start by smoothing an end down and then slowly wrapping the burlap around the bottle carefully making sure its aligned and even. Once its wrapped around and meeting the other end, add another line of hot glue to attache the two ends. Check the burlap and add any additional hot glue underneath the edges where necessary to secure the burlap to the bottle. Repeat for the other 3 bottles.


Enjoy your newest decorations!

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